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men dont have a gender. only women do.

May 11, 2013


see convo here.

An early valentine

January 31, 2013


thank you.  ❤

love, me

KYAnonymous repeatedly equates sex and rape

January 8, 2013

that last one isnt as obvious, but child porn = child rape mkay?

im enjoying the doodbro-manarchists handing the doodbro-goodolboys their asses over the steubenville rape case and all, but there are some serious problems here that will never be addressed.  namely, that rape isnt sex.  and that the experts on “sexual politics” — radical feminists — are specifically excluded from this discussion, due to both the male-centric framing of the issues (that rape is “forced sex”) and out of reluctance to criticize mainstream “anti-rape” (LOLOLOLOLOL) discourse no matter how inadequate misogynist and patriarchal it is, because yay crumbs, and (AND!) due to legitimate fear of the “anonymous” hacktivist collective which we criticize at our peril.

yes, for some reason we were never asked what we think about any of it, and no one reads our books, where we clearly spell out our coherent political position on rape and “rape culture” and have done so for decades.  since before (misogynist, patriarchal) “slutwalk” was even a thing!  and way before any of this (misogynist, patriarchal) occupy nonsense.

have fun jerking each others dicks, doods.  and excluding radical feminists from even sexual politics (where we are experts) and propping up your own violent, misogynist (rape) culture.

when the dust settles, i hope we find that you have all killed each other.  voila!  no more rape.

see also doodbro liberal dickwad versus doodbro MRA asshats, rounds one and two.

self-aware sociopath

December 30, 2012


give us a chance. ffs.

December 16, 2012


men are so violent that they will literally use anything as a weapon against women and children.  give women and children a chance to survive the injuries inflicted on us by men.

ban guns.  now.

oh yes she did!

October 27, 2012


for those reading-comprehension challenged trans and trans-allies out there (which is all of them) this is a reference to other groups that are abusive, and insane.  this is not a reference to pedophilia specifically, but tangentially.

go roseanne!  thank you for standing up for women and women-only safe space.

click on image to visit roseannes twitter.

read more here and here and here.

(surprised) woman as useful object

September 22, 2012

woman as useful object here.  also, sexual politics.  thank you.